Snowsurfing for "Best Job in the World"

Help me to become Australia's Outback Adventurer! Out of 600,000 applicants worldwide, I've been named one of finalists for the "Best Job in the World" with Tourism Australia! Visit me @ and tell the world why you think, I need to be the one to get this job. Thank you so much for your support! Shortlist "Best Job in the World": Music: Yalta Club Music // Highly Branded

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What is "The Best Job in the World"?

The "Best Jobs In The World" is a huge an international campaign by Tourism Australia, with the chance to get the job of a lifetime. If I win, my job would be to uncover the best adventures and experiences across Australia's Northern Territory for 6 months, earning Au$ 100.000.

There were over 600,000 applicants from 196 countries and I have made it to the Top 25 so far! But now l need your help to get to the next round before May 7th!

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How can you help?

Send me a short video clip! 

Shout out your support and/or tell the world, why you think I should get the job as Australia's "Outback Adventurer"! 

Upload your video to my Facebook page or send it to: A simple smartphone video will do! I will put together the best and most creative videos for the final presentation that is due on May 7th!

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Other ways you can help: 

Send me a photo!

Take a photo of yourself that shows you support me for the best job in the world! (e.g. draw a sign and hold it up in the picture,...) Post your photos to my Facebook page, tweet them to @DavidLohmueller and @TourismAus or send them to!

Spread the word on Facebook by sharing my page and posting this to your profile:

“My friend David is a finalist in Australia’s ”Best Jobs In the World” contest! By submitting this video he made it to the Top 25 out of 600,000 applicants worldwide:
Now he needs your help to make his dream come true: Like and check out his page at:"

Tweet out your support @DavidLohmueller and @TourismAus!

If you have twitter, please tweet out something to @TourismAus saying something like "David Lohmueller for #OutbackAdventurer #DavidDownUnder."

Help me to create media buzz!

I am supposed to kick off a TON of media support and media presence of all kind (newspapers, radio, TV,web,..) So, if you know any media representative who might be interested or willing to create a little story about my application, please contact me.

 Also, if you have any ideas for funny media stunts let me's ON :-)

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David the "Outback Adventurer"!

Getting up close and personal with the wildlife, sleeping under the stars in a bush camp, soaring across postcard-worthy landscapes in a hot air balloon, immersing myself in indigenous culture, tasting traditional bushfoods and gazing upon breathtaking sunsets at Uluru. 

Please help me to make this dream come true.